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Teak is proud to offer Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application services.

With over 70 years of combined knowledge, Teak offers tremendous flexibility and value. Our team of experts can file a fully prepared PCT application in English at any PCT receiving offices for significantly less than a typical law firm’s cost.

Teak provides quality control with a multi-level review process. Each filing request is reviewed for completeness and formatted for filing. Once complete, a filing package is prepared and uploaded to ePCT by an experienced paralegal, who performs the first review after upload. A senior paralegal will review the filing package again and hand it off to legal counsel (either Teak’s recommended counsel or your counsel) for final review and approval before filing.

We provide a PCT application service tailored to fit your unique needs and with a quality to match. We report and docket (email, cloud upload, docketing, et cetera) to suit your requirements, and additionally, Teak forwards future PCT correspondence per your tailor-made plan. Teak will prepare and file IDSes in the US, based on the ISR/WO, for an additional fee.

No one can drive value like Teak. Give us a call and experience the Teak difference.

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