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At what lengths will you go to sidestep a patent troll? It appears Apple is willing to take action, and they are shutting down stores to do it!

In the Eastern District of Texas, two stores are closing their doors (read more here). This decision was made in response to the recent TC Heartland ruling that tightened the rules on venue shopping.

There has also been quite a significant monetary loss recently. Patent trolls have cost Apple over $1 billion dollars! Apple had to pay Virnetx $368 million in 2013, then another $625 million in 2016. The patents in question are:

U.S. Patent Nos.

These patents include a way of establishing a secure comms link. They lost $145 million in 2018 to WiLan, and this list is by no means exhaustive. In 2015, Apple was the largest target of internet trolls. With a target on their back, it’s no wonder Apple is willing to try something as unconventional as this!

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